The Victorian Public Transport System Sucks

The system is so flawed. Giving these ‘police officers’ a commission for fining people, I mean seriously, let’s not make sure people have their tickets, let’s instead capitalize on it by giving inspectors an incentive to have a 0 tolerance policy on fare evasion.

Spending thousands on ad campaigns that make me want to rebel against the government even more, then hire a bunch of guys that speak little to no English and expect people to want to pay so that they can wait half an hour for a train, only to find out the one you get on is the wrong line and you need to change at Stony fucking Point.

Oh and the attitude you get from some of these guys,

“Hurry up mate,” “Is that a handbag you’re rooting around in?” “You’re lucky you validated.”

Are these guys cops? I’m sure, somewhere in this bureaucratic jungle we call a government there’s a requisition form for standard issue inspector stun guns.

Enough of this, look at my satirical comic, if you already have, spam your friends with my links, I’m getting 6 or so uniques a day :/

(Don’t spam your friends with my links)


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